An engaging speaker with unique insights into human and organisational behaviour, Kate can engage, empower, and motivate your people.

As keynote speaker, Kate’s presentations provide tools and strategies to empower and motivate others, whether it be a corporate or educational setting.

With a focus on growth mindset, mindfulness and adversarial growth, Kate demonstrates how adversity can be a lever for a life of greater meaning and personal success. 

People often only see the success of an achievement. They rarely see the hard work, sacrifice and long term commitment that goes into it. People often only see the ‘outer shell’ of an individual through what they have achieved. 

Adversity can bring greatness to an individual. When we are thrown first hand into obstacles and events out of our control, they can often dramatically change our lives forever. Often we feel that our lives will never be the same. If we are patient and try to learn from our adversities and how it forces us to go deeper into understanding ourselves, we can discover the new path is exactly where we are supposed to be. 

Mental training is just as important as physical training and both require equally vigorous exercise and practice. Extensive first hand experience has shown me the benefit of being mindful and how reframing our thoughts and perceptions can open up a whole new world right before us, by just learning how to listen to our inner voice (and often learning how to turn it off!).